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Australian Native Stingless Bee Services

At Bayu Australia, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services to the Greater Sydney Area, Blue Mountains, NSW Central Coast, and Wollongong. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Explore our range of services below:

Stingless Bee Honey in Sydney Australia

1. Hive Splitting: We specialize in hive splitting, a process that divides a single colony of bees into two separate colonies. This technique helps promote the growth and expansion of your bee population while ensuring their health and vitality. Our experienced "Meliponist" will handle the hive splitting process with care and expertise.

This service costs $150 if you supply a new empty hive, or $325 including a quality new hive supplied by us.

If you are interested in a hive splitting demo, such as at a school or a community garden but don't need to keep an extra hive, I can provide a workshop for free in exchange for one half of the split. See 'Native Bee Education and Workshops' below.

2. Honey Extraction: We offer honey extraction services for stingless bee hives. Whether you prefer the gentle Malaysian practice of using a sterile honey vacuum pump or the Australian method of piercing and draining, our skilled professional will harvest for you or help to teach you how to safely harvest honey from your stingless bee hives. We ensure a careful and respectful approach to minimize any disruption to the bees.

Cost of $150 covers labour, travel and equipment.

3. Native Bee Rescue: If you encounter native bee colonies in challenging locations such as fallen trees or unwanted areas like water meter boxes and Telstra pits, our team is here to help. We specialize in native bee rescue, providing safe and humane relocation services for these valuable pollinators. We'll carefully remove the colonies from their current location and relocate them to a more suitable environment. 

4. Native Bee hive Installation and Maintenance: Introduce native bees to your garden ecosystem with our professional native beehive installation services. We'll set up sustainable beehives, ensuring proper placement and maintenance for a thriving native bee population. Contact us to discuss prices and current availability.

5. Native Bee Education and Workshops: We offer engaging Native Bee Education and Workshops designed for schools, local councils, gardening groups, and more. Our workshops include a display hive, allowing participants to observe stingless bees inside. We provide insightful information about native bees, their importance in the ecosystem, and their behavior. Participants also have the opportunity to taste stingless bee honey. If attendees have their own hive, we can assist with hive splitting or honey extraction as required. Workshops typically run for one hour and cost a minimum of $150.

Stingless bee honey workshops

Proud member of ANBA Australian Native Bee Association